Sanuki Udon of Kagawa Ippuku

Sanuki udon has been very popular in Japan. The udon has a little harder and springy texture when you eat it. Sanuki is an old name of Kagawa prefecture. Sanuki udon was originated from there. I went to Kanda in Tokyo on business and had Sanuki udon for lunch at Kagawa Ippuku. About 20 people... Continue Reading →


Shiosoba of Jun-chan

Ramen is one of popular foods in Japan like hamburgers in the US and prices are more reasonable than those in the US. I went to Jun-chan that is a ramen restaurant located in Takezono, Tsukuba to have Shiosoba for my dinner. You need to take meal ticket by a vending machine in the restaurant... Continue Reading →

Sea Food Yakityanpon

First of all, do you know Yakityanpon? It is neither Ramen, Udon, nor Yakisoba. Tyanpon is a kind of noodles popular in Japan and is as thick as Udon but has softer texture and a color of lighter yellow. Yakityanpon is fried tyanpon. I found instant noodles of Yakityanpon produced by Nissin that is one... Continue Reading →

Costco Cheeseburger

There is a Costco in Tsukuba, where many people come from only Tsukuba but also other prefectures. The Costco is similar to those in the U.S. and have not only foreign products but also Japanese products. I tried a cheeseburger for lunch. The burger was cooked after I had ordered it. I had to wait... Continue Reading →

Spicy Grille Chicken by Gaburitei

Do you want to eat spicy food that goes great with beer? How about spicy grilled chicken? I went to a restaurant, “Gaburitei”, that is in front of Tsuchiura station at 6:00pm. A sister store is also located near Kenkyugakuen station. There are about 5 tables and 2 counters. Each table has 4 seats. I... Continue Reading →

3 Factory Tours You Can Join for Free in Ibaraki

Factories usually hold tours for visitors to appeal their works and considerations for environment. Ibaraki has 3 popular factories that have great tours that visitors can join for free. You are recommended to make your reservation by call or online at least 1 week ahead of your visit. The tours generally offer the following 3... Continue Reading →

Japanese Pears You Should Try

Japanese pears look different from Western pears. The shapes look like apple and texture is harder. Japanese created many kinds of pears by crossbreeding. There are 3 popular pears in Japan, that are 幸水 (Kousui), 豊水 (Housui) and 新水 (Shinsui) but 南水 (Nansui) took over Shinsui because Shinsui is weak against plant diseases and the... Continue Reading →

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