My Tsukuba Life

Foods, Sightseeing, and Experience in Tsukuba, JAPAN

4 Useful Shops in Creo Square at Tsukuba Station

  Creo Square is area in front of Tsukuba Station and consisted of several shops. It would be fun to visit each shop to know what they sell but I … Continue reading

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Three Things You should Take to Medical Checkup

Many companies recommend employees to go to take Medical checkup once a year after becoming 35 years old. Japanese call the medical checkup “Ningen Dock” in Japanese, meaning Human’s dock. … Continue reading

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Three reasons that make Japanese convenience stores so convenient

There are a lot of convenience stores such as Seven eleven, Lawson, Family Mart, and son on, in Japan, especially in cities. I like more convenience stores than grocery stores … Continue reading

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Cherry Blossom Viewing

Festival for cherry blossoms is being held in Fukuokazeki Sakura Park from March 29 to April 2, 2019. There are many cherry blossoms along a long river, that makes nice … Continue reading

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How About Japanese Luxury Pasta for Your Dinner

What meal are you going to have as dinner? I sometimes have no idea of what meal I want to have. My repertoire of recipes is limited and quickly run … Continue reading

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Sweet Donuts and Fresh Coffee Are Best Couple, Celebrated by Convenience Store

Do you like Donuts? Sweet food would be the best food if you are so tired. Seven-Eleven that is one of popular convenience stores in Japan recently launched several donuts. … Continue reading

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Japanese take a long holidays, Golden Week, from the End of April And the Beginning of May

We have a long holidays from the end of April and the beginning of May. It is called as Golden Week in Japan. The following four days are national holidays … Continue reading

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Good Rice Sake Becomes Landmark in Memories

Do you drink with your father? I drank with my father when I went home. Having drink made good time to talk about many things after we finished house choirs. This … Continue reading

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How About Pasta as Your Breakfast?

Everyday I have breakfast unless I can not have it due to the cold. It is not necessary to say that breakfast is the first meal after I get up … Continue reading

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Celebrate Growth of Male Children with Japanese Samurai Armor on 5 May

Japanese parents celebrate the growth of male children on 5 May that is called as “Tango no sekku” in Japanese. My wife set up Kabuto (Warrior’s headpiece), Katana (Sword), and … Continue reading

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