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Monthly Archives: March, 2015

6 Things You Should Know about Cherry Blossom Viewing in Japan

It gradually gets warmer but it is till cold in the night. This is a good season for cherry to grow their buds. I can see many dark red buds … Continue reading

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Do You Know Origami Instructor?

Origami is popular art of paper folding in Japan and maybe in the world. People enjoy it regardless of the age and gender. The paper is a square. The art … Continue reading

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Do you know what kind of glass you use every day?

Glass is common tableware and used in the word. I use it to have water, beer, fruit juice, milk, and so on. Glass is essential tableware but I do not … Continue reading

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I Found You in Tokyo Disneyland

It is gradually warmer and warmer these days. I can feel that the spring is coming. Spring is one of good seasons to travel somewhere. I had been forced to … Continue reading

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You Can Use SIM Card Just after You Buy from Vending Machine

Many people use smartphones or tablets these days. Those devices are more useful if they connect to the internet. If you travel unfamiliar place, you would have more opportunities to … Continue reading

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Why are You GUM, not Tooth?

Everybody virtually brushes teeth. Cleaning in mouth has us feel good. How many times have we brushed our teeth in our lives? I have used a product of toothpaste, GUM … Continue reading

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Order Your Meals with Tablet but not Yours

Going to drink together is good opportunity to make relationship closer. We can choose our favorite one from Japanese restaurants or bars for the purpose. Nice drinks and meals help … Continue reading

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Happoshu is Sort of Beer but It is not Beer

April will come hear soon.  It is start of the year in Japan so that entrance ceremonies generally take place in this month.  I will have opportunity to meet new … Continue reading

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Pollen Allergy is Common in Japan

Pollen allergy is common in Japan however hay fever might be familiar to you but it is not much to the point for me because I do not see the … Continue reading

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I’m happy with spring but I’m unhappy with pollen allergy

Spring has come to Japan. It gradually become warmer and warmer. I can see flowers of Japanese apricot already. Cherry blossom would open soon. I’m going to go to cherry … Continue reading

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