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You Can Use SIM Card Just after You Buy from Vending Machine

Many people use smartphones or tablets these days. Those devices are more useful if they connect to the internet. If you travel unfamiliar place, you would have more opportunities to use them because you may check your schedule, your blog, map, communication such as Facebook,  and so on. And you would have more time to read news in the transit time. However, you may have difficulty to use the internet abroad although you need it.

NTT communications launched a vending machine to sell SIM cards for foreign travelers in Japan. The machine guides you to buy the card in English or Chinese. The machine needs to confirm your passport when you buy the card. You can use the card just after you get it. Only one machine is available as of now in Odaiba, Tokyo but the company has plan to set up further machines in many places. The card apparently allow you to use the internet for 1 to 2 weeks depending on your plan. You would have to wait for sightseeing spots having enough of the machine.

If you can not speak Japanese, you can use Japanese internet like us. I wonder if I can use the vending machine and the machine requests my passport.

Vending Machine of SIM Cards

SIMカード、買ってすぐ使える 外国人向け自販機設置(朝日新聞デジタル) – Yahoo!ニュース.


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