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Do you know what kind of glass you use every day?

Glass is common tableware and used in the word. I use it to have water, beer, fruit juice, milk, and so on. Glass is essential tableware but I do not pay attention to the goodness of glasses.

I bought new glasses because the glasses looked nice on the package. They are ordinary glasses and do not have notable distinctive point but the package shows me that they turn into beautiful objects if they have something with color such as red and green inside. Although, I usually do not put such things in it.

Glasses I bought in Nitori

Glasses I bought in Nitori

When I reviewed the package, I noticed that the material of the glass was soda glass. What is soda glass? Do you know it?

Precautions and material of the glass

Precautions and material of the glass

Soda glass (known as soda-lime glass) is the most popular type of glasses. It contains soda that is sodium carbonate to soften the glass to easily change the shape. That is why it is called soda glass. The glass is weak against rapid cooling and rapid heating therefore the package of the glass shows that fire, oven, and microwave are not applicable.

Do you use the soda glass to drink something? Please avoid rapid cooling and rapid heating.


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