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Do You Know Origami Instructor?

Origami is popular art of paper folding in Japan and maybe in the world. People enjoy it regardless of the age and gender. The paper is a square. The art is to transform the flat paper into familiar sculpture like animals. The paper is usually inexpensive and available in general shops. I saw the origami papers in the shops and noticed that some packages have English instruction. That would mean that foreign people also enjoy the art. Origami is one of the good toys for children because it is inexpensive, right, and easily changeable shape.

Origami sold in Daiso

Origami sold by Daiso

Origami sold in Daiso

Origami sold by Daiso

There is Nippon Origami Association in Japan where Nippon means Japan. I have not known the details but it has a system provides Origami instructor qualification. Students for the examination have to fold 60 works to pass the test. The ways to fold them is described in the textbook issued by the association. The text was written in four languages including English and Japanese, not Chinese, but I was not able to know what other languages are available in the website. If you get the certificate of origami instructor, you can open your Origami school.

In old times, Chiyogami was used as Origami paper. Chiyogami is made of Japanese traditional paper and has many patterns and colors however it has been more expensive than Origami. Printed Chiyogami is available alternatively.

Chiyogami printed

Chiyogami printed

Chiyogami in grocery store

Chiyogami in grocery store

Anyway, origami is affordable and the works are beautiful so please try it if you get it.


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