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6 Things You Should Know about Cherry Blossom Viewing in Japan

It gradually gets warmer but it is till cold in the night. This is a good season for cherry to grow their buds. I can see many dark red buds on branches of cherries and expect that they will open soon. New students will enter their schools and new school terms will start in the early April. Cherries would be blooming at that time. Fully blooming flowers will welcome to them. Their uniforms and hats sometimes cover with some flower leaves. I like views students and their parents smiles with surrounded by cherry blossoms in the campuses.

If you are foreign people and have a plan to go cherry blossoms viewing in Japan, I really hope you enjoy the beauty and the sweet-smelling. I have some suggestions for you.

1. Check when cherry blossoms will bloom in your area

Cherries do not have any leaves and flowers in the winter so they have only branches. In the early spring, their branches put on many buds but still do no have leaves. The buds open from the end of March to the beginning of April. People can view the blossoms earlier in the south area. The area where the blossoms are available gradually move to the north area in Japan. The border is known as Sakura front line, where Sakura means Cherries in Japanese. Therefore, you have to check when you can see cherry blossoms in your destination before you leave your house.

2. Check best spot you can see beautiful cherry blossoms

You can see cherry blossoms in parks, castles, road sides, and so on. I go to parks to see cherry blossom every spring. Kagaku Banpaku Kinen Koen is one of my favorite places to see cherry blossoms. The park is not overcrowded with people compared to popular spots those have many kinds of cherries and rare cherries. If you are a student, you could see the blossoms in the campus and would be invited to cherry blossoms viewing by upper-class students.

3. Take outer jacket, leisure sheet, and food

In the change of the season from the winter to the April, it sometimes suddenly becomes cold. You have to keep it in mind that you might have to see cherry blossoms in cold weather. Though, the cold weather will keep the blossoms bloom for longer time because warm weather helps flower leaves fall fast and new green leaves grow. People take leisure sheets, lunches, and beverages such as beer and sake to the cherry blossom viewing.  You can buy the things in either grocery stores or convenience stores. Shops would be in the parks but the prices are usually more expensive.

4. Do not need to be afraid of leisure sheets and guards

Some people keep places by setting large leisure sheets near cherry blossoms. Only a few people are on the sheets as guards. Their friends and family would come afterwards. However, they would not pay for the place and just claim that they keep the places because parks are usually public place and owned by cities. If you can not find your place around cherries, you can ask them when their party will start and ask if you can stay on the sheets until their party start. People would not complaint if you remove your trashes before leaving the sheets.

5. Cherry blossom viewing is available after the sunset

Please check if the park lights up cherry blossoms in the night. Black background of the night emphasizes the beauty of the blossoms, that is different from the beauty you see in the daytime. You would feel comfortable night winds with sweet-smelling while you go through cherry blossoms.

Night View of Cherry Blossom

テーマ別10選|デートにぴったりな桜名所10選 – 桜特集2015 – Yahoo! JAPAN.

6. Make new relationship and your relationship better

You might not have enough time to talk with your friends, colleagues, and their family in daily life.  Cherry blossom viewing is a good chance to talk with them. You do not have to be worried about your children because parks usually have the space to let children play after the children have lunch. You can buy Japanese traditional sweet from a stall and give it to them.

I recommend you to go Cherry blossom viewing if you are not interested in any flowers. You could enjoy the atmosphere because cherry blossom viewing is sort of festival for Japanese. You may make new friends and build new relationship under beautiful cherry blossoms. Let’s enjoy!


2 comments on “6 Things You Should Know about Cherry Blossom Viewing in Japan

  1. Ani

    I was touched – students, campus, cherry blossom – new life for everyone!
    you can enjoy cherries and imagine what will happen will all this students…
    I have always dreamed to visit Japan and enjoy everything of your perfect country and Kagaku Banpaku Kinen Koen after reading your fantastic article. Not to mention that i adore Sakura:)
    Go on, you have a talent to write!!!!


  2. fumi7tsuku

    Thank you for the comment. I’m glad to know that you like this post. Japanese Sakura will welcome you all the time.


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