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Monthly Archives: April, 2015

Celebrate Growth of Male Children with Japanese Samurai Armor on 5 May

Japanese parents celebrate the growth of male children on 5 May that is called as “Tango no sekku” in Japanese. My wife set up Kabuto (Warrior’s headpiece), Katana (Sword), and … Continue reading

2015-04-29 · 4 Comments

Japanese Mandarin Orange, Setoka, Is Amazing Sweet!

I was given a gift from the resident downstairs. It was Japanese mandarin oranges (Mikan in Japanese) and the bland name is Setoka.I was surprised at the extremely thin skin … Continue reading

2015-04-26 · 3 Comments

Yo-kai Watch is Incomparable Idol among Japanese Children

Yo-kai Watch that is very popular animation in Japan. it was firstly unveiled in a comic for children and subsequently the game for Nintendo 3DS was launched. After that, TV … Continue reading

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How to Cook Miso Soup Easily without Pot

Miso soup is one of Japanese traditional soups and the variety is made by combination of ingredients, miso, and broth. Miso soup is one of typical morning meals because the … Continue reading

2015-04-18 · 1 Comment

About Tsukuba City

Tsukuba city is located in Ibaraki prefecture and in the north of Tokyo. Mito city is the seat of prefectural government and is further northeast of Tsukuba city. Tsukuba is … Continue reading

2015-04-16 · 2 Comments

Beautiful Green Carpet Is Actually Cultivated in Tsukuba

While I drive to our office, I was able to see that farmers harvested lawn (Shiba or Shibafu in Japanese) many times in the spring as if they peeled land … Continue reading

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Let’s Go on a Hike, not Hichhike, before Rainy Season Comes

Cold winter passed through Japan. Cherries have already stared loosing their flower leaves and grown their new green leaves. bloomed in our area. Good season for a stroll has come. … Continue reading

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Are You Looking for Interesting books? Why Don’t You Visit Tsukuba Public Library?

Children like picture books so much but picture books are more expensive than novels even though picture books have fewer pages. Libraries give children opportunities to meet and read new … Continue reading

2015-04-11 · 2 Comments

Japanese Traditional Confection, Botamochi, That You Should Try

Botamochi is one of Japanese traditional confections and popular with people regrardless of the age. Botamochi is covered with sweet bean paste and made from mixture of glutinous rice (Mochigome) … Continue reading

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Amazing Rechargeable Battery in My Dictionary

I always use some devices such as iPhone, iPad, laptop, remote controller, shaver, electrical dictionary, and so on. They have batteries with no exception. I haven’t actually seen the battery … Continue reading

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