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Find Your Favorite Rice Bowl

Japanese virtually have rice as a staple diet. Absolutely, we also have other kinds of meals such as Italian, Chinese, and French meals. As a matter of fact, I like pasta very much.

Anyway, dishes are important to show meals delicious-looking. You can choose your favorite one from many varieties. I went to a general shop that had a lot of miscellaneous goods and furniture where I found rice bowls (Tyawan in Japanese) that looked nice. Those bowls are porcelain so that it can resist high temperature. Is there a rice bowl you like in the pictures? We have pure white rice put in the bowl. Anyway, Tya and Wan means tea and bowl, respectively.

Japanese rice bowls

Japanese rice bowls


You might have a question why we put rice in the tea bowl, Tyawan. Tyawan is virtually porcelain that was so expensive in the old days. One of popular products was Tyawan and subsequently porcelain product meant Tyawan among people. When people had Japanese tea, they looked at Tyawan and talked about the figures drawn on it. Japanese tea is not hot in general so that we can hold it by our hands if it has the tea.

We usually use the wooden bowl (Shiruwan) for miso soup. Shiru and Wan means soup and bowl, respectively. You can see cherry blossoms (Sakura) and white rabbit on the side of bowls in the picture. We use wooden bowl for miso soup because miso soup is usually hot. Wooden bowl has low thermal conductivity, that means it hinders temperature from transferring miso soup to hands.

Japanese wooden bowl

Japanese wooden bowl

Materials are different between bowls for rice and for miso soup for the purposes. I will wear away Tyawan and Shiruwan fast because I use them every day. I occasionally have to change them with new ones. They are very familiar and essential tableware. Do you have any favorite tableware?


2 comments on “Find Your Favorite Rice Bowl

  1. D111

    The wooden bowl with the rabbit looks cool. Is it dishwasher safe?


    • fumi7tsuku

      I am sorry but I do not know the detail. The label would show the information and the label is usually put on the bottom. I think that the bowl would be available in dishwashers because it resists water and high temperature but it would not be acceptable in microwaves because the microwaves may change the colors.


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