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About Tsukuba City

Tsukuba city is located in Ibaraki prefecture and in the north of Tokyo. Mito city is the seat of prefectural government and is further northeast of Tsukuba city. Tsukuba is not new city but it has many new buildings and people moved from other areas after Japanese government designated Tsukuba as Science city.

In 1950s, Japanese government looked for a place for partial relocation of Tokyo metropolitan government to prevent congestion of population because Tokyo faced rapid growth of population. The government finally designated Tsukuba as the place because Tsukuba was not far from Tokyo, could obtain water enough from Kasumigaura, and large flat field. The plan was to turn Tsukuba into Science city. Public research centers moved to Tsukuba and private companies made their research centers and buildings. Many people including researchers moved to Tsukuba. When major construction of Tsukuba Science city was completed, the government held the international exposition to improve name recognition of Tsukuba Science city to inside and outside country. After that, construction companies has continued to made houses and shopping malls around major station, Tsukuba Eki and Kenkyu Gakuen Eki, of a local train, Tsukuba Express. Eki means station in Japanese.

People who have come to Tsukuba from other places were not only Japanese but also foreign people have come for their business and education. I actually saw them at several places such as stations, a city hall, libraries, hospitals, and so on. Tsukuba has developed and created unique culture with the residents who have different backgrounds.

Morning view in front of Kenkyu Gakuen Station

Morning view in front of Kenkyu Gakuen Eki

Event in Tsukuba Cyuoukouen

Science event in Tsukuba Cyuoukouen


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    Xубав ден, Фумияки!


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