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Yo-kai Watch is Incomparable Idol among Japanese Children

Yo-kai Watch that is very popular animation in Japan. it was firstly unveiled in a comic for children and subsequently the game for Nintendo 3DS was launched. After that, TV animation of the story has begun and entertained children so much. Arcade games of Yokai Watch were set up in shopping malls and many children play the games. It is however too enthusiastic for children these days.

My son is also one of the children who like Yo-kai Watch very much. He watched the TV animation on Friday every week and talked about it with his friends. He really had abundant knowledge about it. I understood that it was important incentive for him to study subjects in his school and our house because I sometimes took him to malls and let him play the game after he studied hard. And he went to a toy store with me and bought some medals of Yo-kai Watch. He looked really happy with the medals. He however was not able to buy the medals last time because a toy store sold out the medals. I became disappointed at looking at him who was also disappointed at the fact.

We decided to pull our selves together and moved to an arcade to play game of Yo-kai Watch. The title of game is Yo-kai Ukiukipedia. Some Children formed a queue in front of the games with their parents when we arrived.

Arcade games of Yo-kai Watch in Iias Tsukuba

Arcade games of Yo-kai Watch, that is Yo-kai Ukiukipedia.

Yo-kai Ukiukipedia is ¥100 for one play. Regardless of result, one card will be given by the game. Although he had some experiences to play the game, I studied how to play the game well in YouTube with my son before we left our home because I knew he was not good at playing it well. This is the way to play the game. Firstly, he put a coin, 100 yen, into a slot and then let the machine scan three cards he had. Each card carry a Yo-kai therefore he can fight enemies using the three Yo-kai as his fighters. He selected the play alone mode and an opponent team. After that, the game started. Finally, the machine gave him a card that carried a new Yo-kai that was one of opponent members. He can use the card next time. He became so happy by playing the game and getting a new card. However, we was not in the mood to play once more because the line behind us was too long.

There are two kinds of ghosts in Japan although it is difficult to distinguish between them. One is Yurei and another is Yo-kai. Both were born from humans and animals after they died. Yurei usually has invisible feet and their appearance is also vague. However, Yo-kai may be visible in certain condition. They are usually involved in human society and provoke troubles those people can not make.

Do you know what arcade game is popular with children in your country? Please tell me about that.


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