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How About Pasta as Your Breakfast?

Everyday I have breakfast unless I can not have it due to the cold. It is not necessary to say that breakfast is the first meal after I get up and makes my feeling in the morning. I may have a little more meal as my breakfast so that I don’t feel hungry in working hours. I actually have the same breakfast everyday however I sometimes want to have different breakfast. Therefore, I have been interested in what breakfast other people have.

I asked a younger coworker what breakfast he had? He answered that he had pasta. I was surprised at it because I expected that his answer would be either rice or bread. He explained that he could make pasta faster than meals with rice and bread. He uses pasta sauces produced by food companies. All he has to do is just to mix the pasta sauce and boiled pasta. After I talked with him, I went to a grocery store and looked for the sauces. I quickly found many kinds of pasta sauces he mentioned. I tried some sauces (however as dinner, not breakfast) and understood that they were handy and tasted good. It took a few minutes to make it.

What breakfast do you have? Please tell me about your breakfast.

Browned cheese and garlic sauce for past, that is produced by Kewpie

Browned cheese and garlic sauce for past, that is produced by Kewpie

Instruction on the backside of the package

Instruction on the backside of the package


3 comments on “How About Pasta as Your Breakfast?

  1. Ani

    usually I do not eat breakfast. I know it’s harmful.I’m not hungry. My breakfast is coffee. But when I decide to have breakfast I eat boiled eggs. Brew 10 and put them in the fridge ready for breakfast all week. Slice of bread with butter. oatmeal with yogurt. oatmeal prepares for 3 minutes.Wash well and boil with little water.It can be soaked raw in the evening with water or milk. You can add nuts and dried fruits. Also a cup of protein. Yogurt with fruits. omelet is fast and tasty too.My husband eats soup or lentils cooked previous day.


    • fumi7tsuku

      Thank you for sharing your breakfast and also your husband’s breakfast. It’s simple and good for your health. I like the yogurt with fruits. When I stayed in hotels, I often had yogurt and fruits. I believe that yogurt is so popular food in your country that your yogurt must be more delicious than that in our country. Thank you for the comments!


  2. Ani

    You are always welcome:-)


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