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Sweet Donuts and Fresh Coffee Are Best Couple, Celebrated by Convenience Store

Do you like Donuts? Sweet food would be the best food if you are so tired. Seven-Eleven that is one of popular convenience stores in Japan recently launched several donuts. The stores intend to have customers buy the donuts with their special fresh coffee that is already popular in Japanese customers as Seven Coffee. I will want to have sweet something like donuts if I drink nice coffee. It would be convenient if both coffee and donuts are available in the same place. Therefore, the stores sell the donuts just next to cashiers and prepare 13 kinds of donuts in special showcases. The prices for the donuts are reasonable (about 100 yen).

Mister Donut has been the most popular donuts store in Japan and monopolized donuts market however the locations of stores are limited in popular places compared to convenience stores. I could not find the store unlike convenience store unless I go to a shopping mall. Mister Donut absolutely has larger variety of donuts than convenience stores have. I usually buy popular kinds of donuts even if the store prepares many kinds of donuts including changeable ones. I am actually reluctant to try new tastes because I am satisfied with regular donuts. Convenience stores sell popular types of donuts those would be enough for me. And I do not have to look for a convenience store because there are so many convenience stores in Tsukuba. I can find it easily.

Although donuts did not originate in Japan, they already become so popular that they are sold in convenience stores. What is your favorite donuts store?

Donuts sold by Seven-Eleven

Donuts are sold next to the cashier in Seven-Eleven. This picture was cited from Jiji Press

熱帯びるドーナツ販売(時事通信) – Yahoo!ニュース.


5 comments on “Sweet Donuts and Fresh Coffee Are Best Couple, Celebrated by Convenience Store

  1. DDD

    These donuts look bigger than ours here.
    Now I wonder what is ‘changeable’ donut?


    • fumi7tsuku

      Thank you for the comment. Shop clerks prepare several donuts. They sell some donuts throughout the year but they sell other donuts only in special period and the clerks replace them with donuts with different tastes after the end of period. I called the latter as changeable donuts in this post.


  2. Ani

    Donuts here are also popular. I am not big fan of them here because they are too small and not fresh. so I can’ comment about the taste. What about Starbucks there?


  3. Ani

    What is your usual menu for the day? Breakfast, lunch, dinner? Do you have 10 o’clock and 16 o’clock breakfast?


  4. fumi7tsuku

    Thank you for the comments, Ani! I have natto, miso soup, rice, and salad as my breakfast at around 6:30. Lunch and dinner menus are different every day. I also have coffee after the breakfast to wake me up. There are many Starbucks in Tsukuba. I haven’t had donuts in the stores but I had just coffee. I suppose the stores would serve nice donuts with tasty coffee.


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