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How About Japanese Luxury Pasta for Your Dinner

What meal are you going to have as dinner? I sometimes have no idea of what meal I want to have. My repertoire of recipes is limited and quickly run … Continue reading

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Sweet Donuts and Fresh Coffee Are Best Couple, Celebrated by Convenience Store

Do you like Donuts? Sweet food would be the best food if you are so tired. Seven-Eleven that is one of popular convenience stores in Japan recently launched several donuts. … Continue reading

2015-05-08 · 5 Comments

Good Rice Sake Becomes Landmark in Memories

Do you drink with your father? I drank with my father when I went home. Having drink made good time to talk about many things after we finished house choirs. This … Continue reading

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Japanese Mandarin Orange, Setoka, Is Amazing Sweet!

I was given a gift from the resident downstairs. It was Japanese mandarin oranges (Mikan in Japanese) and the bland name is Setoka.I was surprised at the extremely thin skin … Continue reading

2015-04-26 · 3 Comments

How to Cook Miso Soup Easily without Pot

Miso soup is one of Japanese traditional soups and the variety is made by combination of ingredients, miso, and broth. Miso soup is one of typical morning meals because the … Continue reading

2015-04-18 · 1 Comment

Japanese Traditional Confection, Botamochi, That You Should Try

Botamochi is one of Japanese traditional confections and popular with people regrardless of the age. Botamochi is covered with sweet bean paste and made from mixture of glutinous rice (Mochigome) … Continue reading

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Happoshu is Sort of Beer but It is not Beer

April will come hear soon.  It is start of the year in Japan so that entrance ceremonies generally take place in this month.  I will have opportunity to meet new … Continue reading

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